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ATS GmbH provides an effective and powerful way In the field of medicine

Products Pharmaceuticals


Amoxicillin Sodium for injection Bp

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Amikacin 500mg

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Products Supplements



A patented fertility formula designed in Germany for women who want to enhance their fertility and reproductive health

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Professional formula 
For Kidney Stones



Maternal Vitamin & Herb Supplement
Vitamins And Extracts



Calcium + Vitamin C
Vitamin D3 + Vitamin B1


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Professional formula 
For Kidney Stones

Osteal D


Calcium 600mg
Vitamin D3 400 IU

Drinkable Iron Supplement
Better Absorption formula Gentle To Your stomach

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About us

"With the Right Medicine, Great Things Can Happen"

ATS GmbH is a German Pharm company. Throughout our career since 2016, our investments have produced a proven track record of profound impact on real life in the medical and health care sector by providing all the needs of this sector of medicines, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and nutritional supplements, all of which are characterized by quality and effectiveness and comply with all local and international standards of the medical sector. Believing in developing our services to meet the expectations and requirements of our customers is the key to our success and this is what made us one of the most remarkable leaders in the local market, and we seek to be a strategic player in the Middle East working to solve the most complex problems in the medical sector through innovative and most effective solutions.


Our mission

Our mission is to fill the gap between the demand and supply chain in medicines, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and Food Supplement, through a good study of the market and work to secure all the needs and requirements of all branches of the medical sector. This is done through the most effective and scalable import, marketing and distribution systems.

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

CREATIVE SPIRITS is a cornerstone concept, adopted by our creative tea. The CREATIVE SPIRITS concept has a common need to improve the implementation of their existing integrated manufacturing strategies/action plans by including novel approaches linked to market needs– creative places, people, and businesses. The joint policy challenge for the team is to better facilitate the above “creative ecosystem” to be able to attract (more) creative entrepreneurs and boost creative entrepreneurship in dedicated pharmaceutical areas.

What We Offer

We offer a vision to be the leading food supplement brand in Arab countries supporting the medical sector in all its sectors from the Ministry of Health and private and government hospitals, and to become a global strategic player by providing high-quality services at reasonable prices and effective and innovative treatments.

Managing Director Speech

Dr. Ahmed Hameed AlSeedi PhD

As members of this community, before being investors, we are committed to supporting the career of our community and making a change in people's lives through our areas of specialization. We devote ourselves and all our capabilities to providing pharmaceutical materials to the Iraqi market in order to work on improving the health of individuals. These commitment and
The social responsibility that we bear on our shoulders is what prompted us to become the backbone of the medical sector in all its various branches, starting with the Iraqi Ministry of Health, private and government hospitals, medical centers
and pharmacies in both Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

ATS GmbH partners


PHOENIX Pharmahandel GmbH & Co KG
Pfingstweidstraße 5
­68199 Mannheim
Tel: +49621 - 8505 0



Viale Europa 160
21017 Samarate (VA)

P: +39 0331 236747
F: +39 0331 235464



Adam Pharma scientific bureau 
Alsaadoon street
Building No. 37
Post code : 10069

Mobile : +9647716377352
Email :

Our Partners

What Our Clients Say                                                           

Osama Abdnoor 
Marketing manager 
Adam Pharma 

Through a good study of the market ATS GmbH works actively to secure all the needs of our Iraqi market. Middle east is completely different mentality from Europe but the leading team of ATS GmbH managed to quickly absorb and understand the mind set of our market.

Alessandra Princeville 

Logistic department

High commitment is the most impressive characteristic about of ATS GmbH, I deal with them since 2016 and they never let me down. 

Anna Schmidt NRW logistic manager PHOENIX Pharmahandel GmbH & Co KG

Over the last two years, we established a very collaborative work environment with ATS GmbH. What I like more about them is the fast and active response to the logistic problems we face in our daily routine.


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